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Limbal relaxing incisions (LRI) helps to even out the axis of the steepest curvature to essentially round out the cornea and ultimately address astigmatism. Usually, limbal relaxing incisions are performed simultaneously with cataract surgery. When left untreated, astigmatism may interfere with your vision, often distorting or blurring images because of the irregular corneal curvature.

Astigmatism can be addressed at the time of cataract surgery either by creating Limbal relaxing incisions or by a toric intraocular lens. The method of treatment is based on special measurements taken of the eye.

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What Are LRIs?

Limbal relaxing incisions are modifying incisions made at the limbus in order to reshape the cornea and help reduce or even eliminate astigmatism.

LRIs are recommended for patients who:

  • Have low to moderate levels of astigmatism
  • Seek to reduce the need for eyeglasses or contacts
  • Plan on receiving intraocular lens implantation and want to simultaneously reduce their astigmatism
  • Are at least the age of 50

What consists of the LRI procedure?

Limbal relaxing incisions are quick, safe, and effective procedures that generally take around five minutes for each eye. Before any surgical activity is performed, a topographical map of your eye is taken to produce a template for guidance during the treatment. When surgery time has arrived, your eyes are first cleansed and then numbed, followed by the placement of an eyelid holder to prevent any blinking during the procedure. Then, the surgeon follows the customized template to precisely mark the section where the incision or incisions will take place. Afterwards, your surgeon will ask you to look into a light while either a laser beam or medical-grade scalpel makes arcuate (arc-shaped) incisions to help correct your corneal curvature. Once the LRIs have been performed, antibiotic eye drops are administered and the holding device is removed. Next, you will be given some fitted eye shields for protection. Lastly, you are escorted to the recovery room before being excused to go back home.

Recovery and Potential Risks

Typically, a majority of our patients are able to resume their work and daily routine the following day after receiving the procedure. Within just one day, you will notice significant improvement of your vision and astigmatism concerns, although rare instances of temporary blurriness can occur. In addition, some patients have also experienced post-surgical conditions such as sensitivity to light, tearing, redness, and swelling in the eyes. These symptoms are manageable by taking over-the-counter medication for pain relief. Additionally, some uncommon but potential risks include minor discomfort, eye infection, or corneal perforation.

Are Limbal Relaxing Incisions a Permanent Solution to Astigmatism?

Limbal relaxing incisions (LRIs) are a surgical technique used to reduce astigmatism during cataract surgery or as a standalone procedure. While they can provide significant astigmatism correction, it's important to note that LRIs are not always considered a permanent solution.

The effectiveness of LRIs can vary among individuals, and factors such as healing response and changes in the cornea over time may influence the long-term outcomes. Some patients may experience lasting astigmatism correction, while others may require additional procedures or adjustments.

Consultations with our McKinney & Allen eye care professionals are crucial to determine the most suitable and effective treatment plan based on individual factors and the nature of the astigmatism.

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