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Glaucoma is a progressive disease that causes damage to the optic nerve and can result in irreversible damage. Obtaining quality service is advantageous in helping detect and treat early signs of glaucoma and to ensure that you preserve your vision. Here at Heritage Eye Center, we are committed to providing you the highest standard of care and up-to-date methodologies to combat your glaucoma complications. In terms of closed-angle glaucoma.

Our office is equipped with the necessary tools to help maintain and manage the health and safety of your optic nerve and adjacent areas of the eye.

Identifying Glaucoma: Symptoms and Early Signs

The signs and symptoms of glaucoma include the following:

  • Vision loss
  • The appearance of halos around lights
  • The loss of peripheral vision
  • Haziness or cloudy-looking eyes
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Headaches
  • Tunnel vision

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Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

We generally perform MIGS with cataract surgery, as well as in patients who are treated for milder and more severe forms of open angle glaucoma. These treatments are typically administered through microscopic sized equipment and tiny incisions to create a channel for drainage that allows the fluids inside the eye to relieve intraocular pressure. This will improve the techniques of our surgeries and gives the safest and most promising results for innovative surgical therapies.

Laser Peripheral Iridotomy: A Solution for Closed-Angle Glaucoma

For patients suffering with closed-angle glaucoma, we provide our patients with innovative treatments. The iridotomy procedure utilizes a laser wavelength to create an opening on the rim of the iris to reduce pressure in the eye and prevent future complications.

Post-Surgery Expectations: Recovery and Care

Laser iridotomy is a safe and effective treatment that does not require any hospitalization. Once the procedure is completed, the eye pressure is checked within half an hour to an hour in order to assure that your pressure levels aren’t too high. If all seems well, your practitioner will allow you to leave back home, yet you must have another person drive, for your eyes may experience temporary blurriness and light sensitivity.

The Purpose of Laser Iridotomy Procedures

Laser iridotomy is useful for:

  • Treating closed-angle glaucoma when the eye pressure has been reduced with medication or when the prescription fails to help.

  • Preventing closed-angle glaucoma for at-risk patients with narrow drainage angles.

Understanding the Risks of Glaucoma Surgery

Complications as a result of the procedure may include:

  • Temporary blurriness

  • Swollen cornea of the iris

  • Sudden bleeding

  • Increasing pressure in the eye

  • Closure of the incision that will require a second surgical procedure

  • Very rare occurrence, but retinal burning may emerge

Our Commitment to State-of-the-Art Glaucoma Care

For treatment, we use minimally invasive glaucoma devices such as:

  • The optical coherence tomography (OCT) - advanced technology offering the highest quality resolution in all parts of the eye. The OCT can be used to examine the precise quality of the optic nerve and detect various changes in retinal nerve fiber that’s connected to complications due to glaucoma.

Proactive Monitoring for Long-Term Eye Health

Over time, closed-angle glaucoma may affect both eyes. If left untreated you are 50% at higher risk and if continual pressure in the eye persists, it may continue after iridotomy. We will closely monitor you for this procedure and ensure you are well-informed if additional treatments will be needed.

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    D Magazine | Best Doctors in Collin County

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